Happy Birthday to-Me

My birthday is on Friday (no, I am not saying which one…after the 40th, I started striving to mentally obliterate the ever-rising numbers…now I am old enough that my memory is going, anyway.)
Already, this birthday is shaping up to be better than last year’s.
For one thing, my husband came home from New York with an armful of birthday presents he gave me early cause he didn’t want to wait: among them are a funny Thai tin toy of two fighting kickboxers, assorted sizes of Chinese Hell money, and a beautiful pair of earrings, which came disguised in an (emptied out) canister of Mango Tea.
These gifts were so right on, it was wonderful.
For another thing, it looks like I will celebrate my birthday twice–once here in California with my family, and then again in New York over the weekend with my siblings and their kids.
How good is that?
I have a lot to be grateful for.