Just like your parents: a little aha moment

We were supposed to go out tonight, but Spencer has some writing he has to do, so he worked afternoon, and into this evening. I offered to make dinner so he could keep working. He said, :”Actually, I’m kind of tired; I think I’d rather take a short nap.”
I replied, “Sure, whatever you want to do, dear,” and suddenly flashed on my mom. She cheerfully tolerated my dad’s small-town doctor obstetrician/gynecologist solo practitioner insane schedule, cooking breakfast, dinner, and (hot) lunch for him for most of their life together–and I realized, at that moment, that I sounded just like her. Here it was Saturday night, and I was being completely mellow about hanging around the house (and blogging), instead of going out.
Because my mother died a few years ago, this one was of those little ‘aha’ moments when I felt an aspect of her living on in me.