Now it can be told: 18th birthday surprise party

Zack turned 18 today. We decided to throw him a surprise party–and make sure he didn’t find out. It worked! We have 25 kids at the house right now–the veggie chicken and the salad is gone, there are 10 kids free-styling in Z’s bedroom, and another 10 chillin’ on the porch, and 7 or so standing round the dining room table chowing down.
And did I mention Zack was totally surprised? As in he really believed we were only going out to dinner…
We had a complete meal, but here’s what they actually ate:
Chicken fingers
Veggie chicken sesame stay
Veggie spring rolls
Veggie egg rolls
Crudites (!)
Birthday cake and ice cream
cashew nuts
M&Ms, almond and crispy
Seriously leftover:
Spinach broccoli dip (we tossed that mayonnaise-fest)
Cold sesame noodles
Home made guacamole
Veggie curry chicken (some instinct must have made EVERYONE avoid this…)
What they listened to: Mike Ness, Sublime, Atmosphere, Common, and some emo stuff I tried to avoid. B
Best music: Hugh flowing to the beat, freestylin.