• Obsessive-Compulsive over Orkut

    Orkut, the new social networking built by a Google engineer, went back online today, so I went back onto Orkut. Within minutes, I found myself almost feverishly searching for friends to add who were already there. I took the list from my Ryze page and started looking for all the people I actually talk to… Continue Reading

  • What to expect from a VC: Kawasaki interview

    Forbes asked Guy Kawasaki what one might expect from a VC investor. Kawasaki offers down to earth advice in line with what I hear from my start-up friends. Some highights: “As long as things are going well, a venture capitalist will leave you alone. Understand a venture capitalist’s life: He’s on as many as ten… Continue Reading

  • Why Orkut rose so fast

    Stuart Henshall’s got a good point: “Orkut bridges the gap between Ryze (too open) and Linkedin (too closed) without the “everything is for sale” on Tribe.”

  • Discovering Danny Gregory

    Thanks to Gothamist, I got to take a break from the proposal I am writing and experience Danny Gregory’s artwork. Gregory, a blogger, and the author of Everyday Matters, a book about his wife’s tragic subway accident, and his family’s passage through that situation, has been publishing work in various magazines, newspapers, and web sites/blogs… Continue Reading

  • MUG: Fact(s) of the day

    The Manhattan Users Guide (MUG) has been a great resource for NYC since the days it was Quarked-up, printed, and distributed to in-the-know subscribers(who then photocopied it and passed it on.) For the past couple of years it’s been a (free) email newsletter and web site. Today, it’s got some playful data: Earthquakes The two… Continue Reading

  • Punk’d: Fast Food Poison

    What happens when you eat fast food 3X a day for 30 days? Morgan Spurlock tried it and turned the results into a short film called Super Size Me which describes his 25 lb weight gain, soaring cholesterol, moodiness, depression and fast food addiction–and got raves at Sundance.

  • Recent reading

    Just finished Southern Exposure and After the War, two novels by Alice Adams. These two linked novels–written several years apart–stand together as a tremendous work of American literature, right alongside Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety. I’ve enjoyed Adams for many years, but seen her really as a social diarist/comedy of manners type of writer–very Jane… Continue Reading