• Congrats: Betsy’s anniversary

    Betsy Devine’s blog hit one year old this past week. I remember when I started to blog in March and I read Betsy’s blog–I had no idea she’d started right before me and I thought she was so expert and inspiring–and she was sorta a newbie, too. So congrats, Bets!

  • Cooperative encyclopedia to post 200,000th article

    Dan Gillmor reports that the Wikipedia, a peer-reviewed and cooperatively written encyclopedia, is about to post its 200,000 article. Given that Wikipedia has no editors, no assignments, and an organizational structure that can be described as organic, this is amazingly cool. Gillmor writes: “Wikipedia is based on a kind of software called Wiki. A Wiki… Continue Reading

  • The dish on Orkut

    I avoided writing about Google-supported social networking site Orkut last week because so many people mentioned it–and it went down so quickly. Now, the Washington Post’s Cynthia Webb’s done a very through piece on this new service and its place in the pantheon of would-be Friendster killers and clones. — — 1,244 items on Orkut… Continue Reading

  • iMedia relaunches site

    iMedia, the online resource for interactive marketers, has relaunched with a new look, a new exec editor, and better navigation. The annotated left hand nav on the home page and and the breadcrumb across the top of the article lists are definite improvements, but the big benefits are a beefed-up research section and Lee’s new… Continue Reading

  • Gruner & Jahr: What’s next?

    Reading the New York Times article this morning on G&J leader Axel Ganz and his reasons for firing CEO Dan Brewster makes me wonder how much this situation is another backlash from the boom story. Back in 2000, when Brewster came aboard, his goals were to break the magazine publisher–always sleepy and ho-hum–out of the… Continue Reading

  • Saturday stuff: -10 below in NYC

    Flying back to California tomorrow morning. As predicted, spent most of the past few days inside other people’s apartments. This afternoon, in search of a kid-friendly activity, my sister, brother-in-law, my six-year-old nephew and I went bowling. What I learned: The bowling alley says it’s a 30 minute wait, but they lie. While waiting an… Continue Reading