Have you seen it?

Excited about PLINK, which I just discovered via Anil Dash and Jeff Jarvis. Anil writes:
“Plink, short for People Link, lets you find connections between people using its simple search interface, and the simple, friendly interface hints at a new breed of FOAF application, aimed more at regular users than the geeks and developers who’ve been working with the format thus far.”
The site looks great, offering an elegant interface for a personal identity application–the only catch is that you need to upload a FOAF.rdf file somewhere on the web to make the indexing work.
(The difficulty in my posting this kind of file becomes another reason for me to move off blogspot onto my own site, clearly an emerging theme of 2004.)
The founder of this site is a Brit, Dom Ramsey, and it looks amazingly cool–interestingly enough, it seems like some of the names in the directory are there because they’ve been generated from other’s FOAF files–as people someone knows. Also, interestingly, the RDF files expose the email addresses of some friends, not a good privacy thing.
Anyway, this is really interesting…more comments from Battelle, Feedster and Technorati searches.