What a week–and soon back to NY

It’s been a very hectic week–some ongoing projects, and preparing proposals for some possible projects. Plus pulling off Zack’s surprise party and getting ready to go back to NY(again) this week for a few days. I have been the opposite of calm…always feeling pulled by everything there is to get done.
On the plus side, some great projects potentially coming together, and the chance to deliver solid and useful work on the current projects.
More time out talking with people–I really need that stimulation.
Also, I am getting involved with a very interesting conference–once I get clearance from the organizers, I’ll talk more about it.
And so on..The life of a this-and-that’er, which is another way to think about doing consulting, is full of juggling actual projects and possibilities.
On the down side, I’m not thrilled about having two trips to NY so close together, and the ‘terrorists want to use a plane as a weapon’ news scares me. Still, I’, going, and will use the time to see my partners, some friends and clients, and hang with family. Plus, a great friend of mine(way cooler than me) from the West Coast will be in the city all week, so it’s my fantasy that we will go out and have fun together–one of the best times of my life was going with him to The Top one weekend–inside me is a person who loves to stay out till 3 am; I’m just usually not in touch with her!

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