Wheeling, WV declares bulldogs vicious

News story reporting that the town of Wheeling, WV, has proposed an ordinance to classify American bulldogs, canary dog, rotteweilers, and pit bulls as vicious, regardless of whether they have ever acted in a menancing manner. Dogs that have attacked someone, on the other hand, would be classified as dangerous. Dangerous dogs would have to be muzzled; vicious dogs would be required to be spayed or neutered, kept behind 6 foot fences, etc.
This kind of news ticks me off no end–dogs behave the way their owners train them to behave, and type of breed is not the key determinant—training and temperament are what matters.
Another example of city government addressing a symptom, not a cause, just to say that they are taking action.

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  1. Jason Sams says:

    Calling an American Bulldog vicious just because it is a Bulldog. Is plan stupid. I have been around Bulldogs all my life it is the way they are raised not the breed.

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