Yafro: Dat big cute photo album, yeah

If flirting with your Friendster pals is getting (yawn) old, you might check out Yafro, from the guys at HotorNot. This is the spot to post a profile, share all your phone cam pictures, and get a virtual hook-up.
Check out profiles and photos from some members to get the flavor.
(Translation from the politese: While this site makes me shudder, I think it is fabboo for some folks–those who are younger, better looking, and far less serious, for starters.)
Blogoise update: Posts about Yafro started when it launched end of October, with the definitive Clay Shirkey yet another friendster ripoff piece in November.
Well it is a copy of Friendster but it had 20,000 users in November, and if the guys can get this out to college and HS kids, they could have some success…it feels friendly and fun..and far less crowded.