• Hey, Big spender: Ovitz & Eisner

    LA Times story today on Michael Eisner and Michael Ovitz starts with this lead: “Just five weeks after hiring Hollywood power agent Michael Ovitz as president of Walt Disney Co. in 1995, Chairman Michael Eisner believed his friend should be fired. But he hesitated out of fear that Ovitz would commit suicide Ovitz was a… Continue Reading

  • Homage: Amy Spindler

    Amy Spindler, the wonderful and amazing NY Times fashion editor, died yesterday–she had been fighting brain cancer for several months…she was only 40 years old. Spindler brought an energy and original point of view to the Times that made it much more fun to read–She was a terrific editor and style maven, and left a… Continue Reading

  • NYT: “But what has really carried Google to the top is a change in our perception of the Internet.”

    Verlyn Klinkenborg, Editorial Board Member, writes about how the acceptance of Google reflects consumer’s shifting definition of Internet credibility, as as as an evolved sense of navigation. He writes: “What Google also reflects is our changing sense of the dynamism of the Web. Nothing captures how statically we used to see the Internet as well… Continue Reading

  • Diner mania: Dreamin’ of Jersey

    The best old school diners I’ve ever experienced are in New Jersey: White Manna, Tick Tock, etc are virtual beacons for the kitsch obsessed–and there taint nothing like them in the Bay area, that’s for sure. A North Jersey story on the retro-fitting on “28”, a suave Montclair eatery, into the diner-style Raymond’s brought it… Continue Reading

  • Successful Conference Blogs

    One of the things I’m thinking about is what makes a successful conference blog. There have been some clearly unsuccessful conference blogs in the past six months–but also some terrifically successful ones. Some of the qualities of a successful conference blog experience IMHO would include the following: –Real time coverage of the sessions, done in… Continue Reading

  • 12 Days: Count down to Spring

    12 days to the start of Spring. Despite the heavy rains, there’s a sense of winter ending in California–the daffodils are blooming, the evenings are balmier, and the early dark is lifting. I’ve been feeling very energized–I was talking with a friend who owns an ad agency today, throwing around ideas for newsletters, blogs, and… Continue Reading

  • Win $500 bucks–name the nextGen Newsmonster

    Kevin Burton and friends are giving away cold, hard cash in exchange for a new name for the nextgen of their newsaggregator (and company). (Full disclosure: I am an advisor to this project.) The current product is here; the new one will be similar, only 1,000 times better(we hope).

  • In love with: Mad Professor

    I am a big Mark Fraufelder fan, so the launch of his new media review blog, Mad Professor, has me all happy smiley (okay, not really, it’s just a metaphor, but I am thrilled this exists.) Check it out!