Blogger/media dinner: Good talk, good food

Dinner last night at Cafe Bastille with about 25 folks: JD Lasica, Dan Gilmor, Craig Newmark, Mark Graham, Peter Merholz, Phil Wolff, Jeff Ubois, Brad deGraf, Deeje Cooley, Tom Mangan, George Kelly, Nina Davis, Chris Alden, Chris Allen, Stuart Henshall, Christian Crumlish, Art McGee, Tim Caitlin, Kevin Burton, Geoff Goodfellow, Mary Hodder, Heather Schlegel and Moses Ma turned out for drinks, food and a chance to hang out in the nether regions of the Cafe Bastille.
George Kelly appears to be first to blog this one, and has lots o pix. Tom Mangan also has a post–with a funny story related to the 5:1 male/female ratio for the night.
My eyes were crossing with fatigue(and perhaps a bit too much Gamay Beaujolais) on the long drive back to San Jose, but it was a great evening. ( If I left anyone off this list, let me know.)