eTech: Scoble asks ‘Will Technorati be the next Google?’

Awesome praise for Technorati and Dave Sifry’s preso at eTech . As dozens of folks point out, Technorati has just launched a keyword search capability, published a cool Flash chart (kudos to Kevin Marks) mapping the distributed blogosphere, and added a helpful key to explain results.–in addition, they’ve redone their infrastucture, adding much-needed –and impressive–speed.
Dave Sifry described Technorati as a conversation engine–a way to surface and articulate discussions happening across the blogosphere and Net. One example of this was triggered by John Batelle, who chatted with Dave about I’m not quite sure what–before Dave finished his eTech speech. Inspired, Dave apparently went off and wrote a new Technorati Hack to show what products on Amazon are being linked to on an almost real-time basis.
BTW, good notes from today’s eTech conference sessions over at Jason Shellen’s blog.
And if you want to hear Jeff Jarvis gush, something that rarely happens, read his post on Technorati. Actually, read if regardless–Jeff’s notes provide a great view of how Sifry is trying to track, enable, surface, and highlifght activity–clicking,. linking, posting–in the blogosphere and the Net.