Obsessive-compulsive gaming: Women over 40 are the biggest addicts

According to a just released AOL/Digital Marketing Services survey, one of the unanticipated hardcore gaming segments is–surprise–women over 40. Beating out teens, and most guys, the women over 40 in the 3,600-person survey reported that they spent 9.1 hours per week–41% of their online time–gaming, compared to 6.1 hours–or 26% of their online time–for men. Interestingly, 1 in 5 women interviewed said they’d made a friend online through online games, and then developed that friendship into a real world connection.
However, if you’re in the gaming segments, don’t get too excited all just yet–apparently, while women may be obsessive enough to win the prize for staying up all night gaming, their preferred games are word games and puzzles, a far cry from the gambling games and role-playing games men and teens prefer.