Redwood Ciity: “Scott Peterson is good for us”

Had dinner on Friday night in Redwood City, at what turned out to be a really excellent Turkish restaurant, fairly new. Most of the diners were going on to the blues show down the street, or stopping in town to eat before heading home, and the buzz in the (small) restaurant was about the Scott Peterson murder trial which was about to be held at the Courthouse in Redwood City, 4 blocks from this eatery.
“It’s a terrible thing, but it will be good for us.”
“Caqn you please tell me why this is such a big thing? Is it because they are young and well off? Things like this happen every day and don’t get this coverage.”
“Well, perhaps its because of the baby.”
“Yeah? How about the woman they found in the bay around the same time with the baby cut out of her?”
“It should be a good thing for Redwood City–500 reporters will have th eat lunch everyday, and they should come here.”
Oh yes, our food was terrific–little fried golden twists, filled with light feta cheese; a tomato paste and walnut spread for the pita; white beans with olives and bits of hard-boiled eggs, very savory; little pelmeni-type dumplings, boiled, placed in a bowl and covered with a yougurt sauce, splashes of red hot chili oil, andsprinkles of dried mint (sounds odd, but it was wonderful), Dessert was that gritty sweet Trkish coffee, home made walnut and sugar baklava (as opposed to the honey-flavored kind), and a birdnest of semolina with hot sugar syrup poured off it (I passed on that one…)
Not diet food, but a very nice break from reality.
(Coordinates for the locals: New Kapadokia on Broadway, more info on their web site.

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