Xeni Jardin: From hand-press to weblogs

Artfutura essay by Xeni:
“When I was a child, my father hauled an abandoned antique printing press into our house one afternoon. He was an artist and writer who had a habit of falling in love with discarded tools, the same way I became routinely obsessed with broken dogs and fallen birds. But this thing weighed over a ton.
…His press is gone now, along with the typewriter and old house they occupied. But I think about the press when I’m hunched over my laptop in an airport, clicking the “post and publish” key in Blogger to post an entry on BoingBoing.
I think about that press when I’m half-awake in bed with my pocket PC and a cup of coffee, cruising websites like Daypop, Blogdex, Popdex, or Technorati to trace traffic patterns of some new digital diversion making its way through hundreds of other weblogs that morning.
I think about that press when I’m wading through an online journal from some aliased stranger on the other side of the world, reading words, downloading spoken narratives in someone else’s language, zooming through snapshots they’ve just phonecammed moments before, from Tokyo, Tahiti, Tijuana; wherever they are.
…Blogs democratize ideas. They give an almost magical volition to words, images, and sounds. They make art available to new audiences. Unheard voices become accessible in a way that wasn’t possible before. And that is a good thing.”
Read the whole thing–it’s worth it.