• Even got the no sleep blues

    4:30 AM–Nice hour to be asleep. Unfortunately, I am awake, leaving for the airport in 15 minutes, having slept barely enough to have it qualify as a nap. Nothing like coming back from vacation and going right back to all your bad habits.Yawn.

  • CEOs are people, too: Mena speaks

    Sweet essay by Mena Trott, founder and CEO of Six Apart about communication, as in needing to do a better job of. The cynic in me says “Yeah, sure, they’ve grown to twenty-four people, they’ll have a new CEO soon;” the humanist says, “Right on, Mena, this is a great tone to take.” Favorite passages:… Continue Reading

  • Google offers personalized search

    Brand new personalized search beta from Google. I’ve just filled out a profile, which involved clicking on lots of little topic boxes. Now I’m trying a “personalized” search. When I type in a query for “American bulldog” I get 65,400 results–the top ones from an AB association.I run the same query on plain ol’Google and… Continue Reading

  • Working while living–gotta get out more

    It was a beautiful day in California today: mid 70s, sunny, the scent of honeysuckle in the yard. Of course, the irony is that I spent most of the day inside, working on projects. Somehow, I am not doing a great job following through on the fantasy that being a consultant means hitting the gym… Continue Reading

  • Recent reading & some book thoughts

    Read two big novels on the road: Fernanda Eberstadt’s The Furies, which I liked quite a bit, and Frederick Busch’s A Memory of War, which I liked less, but thought masterfully written. I’ve just gotten some new books to read: Wallace Stegner’s Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the… Continue Reading

  • Virtual babespace: iVillage & There.come make a deal

    Boingboing post noting a deal between iVillage and There.com to create a brand virtual space for iVillage members. Terra Nova says: “Although the island is described by There as a “a special iVillage sanctuary” the boundaries between the iVillage island and the rest of There’s world will be far fuzzier than the original fabled Paradise… Continue Reading

  • Anil: Tech or media?

    Anil asks: Why do Internet companies still pretend they’re in the technology business? His post notes that many of the CEOs of the most-visited Internet sites have CEOs who have worked in media businesses (viz Meg Whitman at Disney Publishing, Barry Diller (entertainment media), Terry Semel, etc.) Anil writes: “I’m still not sure of all… Continue Reading

  • Just around the bend: New tools, new businesses

    Missed a good post by T Jacobi–picked up by deejecooley’s BloggerJack Reporter on new and upcoming blog aggregrators, filters, and search engines, along the lines of topix, kinja, and the just redesigned and revamped Technorati. Jacobi wonders if AI tools will help filter all the news into a manageable order. It does seem like we… Continue Reading