B&H Dairy: A sense of being looked at

A friend tells me about his daily lunches at the B&H Dairy on New York’s Lower East Side–soup and bread at noon, always.
Yesterday, a woman goes into the restaurant, sits down at the (small) table in front of him, and proceeds to take off her coat, her blazer, and her sweater, revealing bare shoulders and a little camisole. She learns back, turns around to see who else is in the restaurant, and then, when she catches his eye, proceeds to turn around and put back on the sweater and the blazer.
“What was that about?” my friend asked me. “Why did she take all her clothes off–she was quite bare–and then put them back on?”
–So you could see her do it
–Because she caught you looking at her
–To feel her power
–She felt warm
–Just because

are all possible responses to this question my friend is posing over the phone, but I take the easy way out and murmur “Hmmn, I dunno,” secretly wondering whether my friend is one of those guys who goes to lunch alone and then hungrily…watches…women.