• Words to live by

    “Optimism cannot outweigh execution.” Ann Winblad , Cofounding Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners (Via Fast Company)

  • Why airlines lose customers, Delta division

    I just spent the past 90 minutes trying to change my airline reservation from Friday night to Saturday. The first time, after I dialed into the system and talked to the electronic receptionist, I was switched to an attendant who seemed to be in India. She did fine until I asked her to check flights… Continue Reading

  • Back from vacation for real

    We’re back. 2,760 miles later. considerably more mellow, having sampled much of the West, we are home once more. Look for regular, daily postings to resume as of tonight. Yeah! Home!

  • Scott Moore moves to Microsoft

    MSNBC.com’s GM and business head, Scott Moore, is moving up to handle MSN’s needs for a great home page, personalized MY pages, and appropriate environments for (big) advertisers. Charlie Tillinghast–vice president, sales and business development for MSNBC.com–will be acting general manager of MSNBC.com. What a great opportunity…Have fun, guys.

  • Now Google’s a media company

    More on this from John Battelle: ‘In other words, Eric views Google as a media company, or at least that’s the take I came away with. That is new, last time we spoke, Google was a technology company driven by media revenues…” And Jeff Jarvis:”It’s not as if the media business hasn’t been waking up… Continue Reading

  • Will search become exclusive?

    Reading Eric Schmidt’s comment about Google’s plans to index Orkut data, I wonder if we’re heading for a time when search engine companies will try to develop a competitive edge–not to mention make more money from highly targeted paid search results–by laying exclusive claims to particular data sets. Google already seems to be moving in… Continue Reading

  • Google to index Orkut data into search results

    According to a posting at Search Engine News, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told PCForum attendees that Google would integrated the indexing of Orkut data into Google search results within the year. Schmidt said that Orkut and Google search complement each other as a means to allow searchers and users to connect directly with experts in… Continue Reading