Where the money is: Fast Company says Over 40 females rule

Story by Linda Tischler in June’s Fast Company saying that over 40 women are the most affluent marketing targets.
Some excerpts:
“The 40-plus age group is now 45% bigger than the 18-to-39 group and will be 60% bigger by 2010. In 1989, adults 40 and older became the biggest adult segment for the first time in U.S. history, making them the new customer majority.
…According to Mature Marketing & Research, a Boston-based firm, they (boomers)control more than half of the nation’s discretionary income and three-quarters of the country’s financial wealth. And they’re likely to get their hands on even more. Boomers’ parents, the Silent Generation, are dying off, and inheritances will spell the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. Add it all up, and by 2010, spending by people 40 and older will be “a trillion dollars greater than spending by people between the ages of 18 and 34–$2.6 trillion versus $1.6 trillion,” says David Wolfe, author of Ageless Marketing (Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2003).”
The writer goes n to lament that companies don’t get the power of this market segment, but seems to forget the runaway success of media properties(and all the ad dollars they garner), such as Real Simple and Oprah, not to mention the endless number of lifestyle makeover reality shows.