YASN: The page view race, version 1.0

Now that there seems to be both investment dollars and partnership opportunities in the social network space, however loosely defined it may be, the race to claim dominance in some fashion is accelerating. Viz today’s’ PR release from MySpace.com saying that after just one month of service, it’s surpassed friendster.com in terms of number of page view viewed.
A quote from the release: “Myspace.com has garnered an ardent and loyal fan base very quickly thanks to the technological superiority of its offering. MySpace.com is the only site of its kind to integrate blogs, instant messaging, classified listings, voting, groups, user forums, music and other user-created content.”
I tried to join and it told me I was already a member–hopefully the email with my data will make it past the AOL spamlists and I can experience myspace.com firsthand. Anyone reading have impressions of this service they want to share?