• Web (product) development: Words to live by

    From Oliver Wrede’s Details of a global brain: “There are a number of reasons why user interfaces of many software packages fail. I assume (slightly unfair and inaccurate), that in many cases there is no interface designer involved with user interface development, but rather the interface is designed by the application developers. Here is a… Continue Reading

  • Scraping by start-ups: Advice froma friend

    Talked with a friend yesterday who thinks his start-up may be going under.They’rewaiting for that next nfusionof VC cash,and if it doesn’t happen…they’re doomed, Then talked with another friend who’s done start-ups over the past 6 years. His advice: “If they have money for 6 weeks for 15 people,then they probably have about $150,00-200,000.If they… Continue Reading

  • Berkeley conference: So good to know you

    Others have blogged this morning’s Berkeley conference sessions in detail, so I will confine my comments to personal stuff. First of all, I had a great time–the discussions were sharp, the speakers smart, and the audience interesting. I listened and learned and talked a little, too. Some of the people who made great comments were(in… Continue Reading

  • Google files: $2.7 Billion

    To think they started only 4 years ago–and now the company’s filing a $2.7B IPO. Money’s got a story, as does everyone else in the blogosphere. Psst, Feedster’s got the Google IPO watch. And Google news has stories as well., as does Topix.

  • My (new) toaster is an SUV

    The toaster broke this morning. That is, it started toasting the bread(yes, we still eat bread) on only one side. My husband came home this afternoon with a new toaster that, I swear, is almost as big as an SUV. The Hamilton Beach 24507 4-Slice IntelliToast Toaster, in all for business black,has four double-wide slots… Continue Reading

  • About.com: Can citizen media= citizen dollars?

    Just got a note from Peter Caputa about the About.com post–he had so much to say he did a blog entry, which I found completely fascinating (Yes, I am one of those people who enjoys watching established companies work to keep on their feet as paradigms shift). Among the points Peter makes: “The about.com model… Continue Reading