Berkeley conference: So good to know you

Others have blogged this morning’s Berkeley conference sessions in detail, so I will confine my comments to personal stuff.
First of all, I had a great time–the discussions were sharp, the speakers smart, and the audience interesting. I listened and learned and talked a little, too.
Some of the people who made great comments were(in no particular order) Dan Gillmor, Vin Crosbie, Mark Pincus, Craig Newmark, and Ken Sands. Ken edits the Spokesman-Review newspaper web site in Spokane, and is doing some very interesting stuff, highly innovative by hugely conservative online news standards
Also got to meet Mark Glaser, who I read regularly in OJR and Tim Bishop, whose blog I enjoy. Chatted with Christian Crumlish and Mary Hodder, and caught up with old friend Marcia Parker and education blogger Pat Delaney (yes, I know,this post is uncharacteristically chatty and social.) Left after lunch and snuck off to have coffee with Phil Wolff, then had the wheel-gripping, mind-numbing pleasure of two hours of traffic heading south from Bezerkeley to San Jose. Yuck.