Bloggercon wrap-ups and links

Tara Liloia’s compiled a list o links from Bloggercon. She points to the Feedster link as well.
Link highlights: Betsy Devine’s top quotes from the journalism session. Brian Strawser on John Perry Barlow’s session. Lisa Williams’ community notes, as well as Halley, Mary, Jarvis, Frank, Jay McCarthy, and Dave.
What’s interesting, from this remove, is that the comments seem kind of muted, and with the exception of some wonderfully rich posts, actual ideas seem sparse(as opposed to the here’s who I met and how I felt about it comments).
Was this judged a success by the attendees?
Think so, certainly would like to help do a follow-up on the West Coast.
Update: Seems like one of the key after-shocks of this conference is an awareness–and a certain amount of ” Oh shit, what do we do about it?” recognition that blogging is just like life: people form hierarchies based on both friendship and what they perceive to be merit (or like thinking.) Seth Finkelstein has an extensive post about this, with a really interesting interchange with Rebecca Blood in the comments. If you are into reflecting and dissecting this society, this is worth reading, if not…let it go.