Esther Dyson: Google’s big data sets

As we all know, Google is collecting a lot of data. And it’s more and more personalized. Esther Dyson does a good job articulating further ways in which Google’s big, targeted data sets can create new markets (and by the way, it is great to see her posting more!)
Esther writes: “While right now Google is collecting information through AdWords for targeting, there’s no reason it couldn’t start using advertiser-entered data for display as well, as it already does with data feeds in Froogle. Some companies may start sending these new kinds of feeds expressly, while others might fill out a slightly more complex , domain-specific form when they advertise. Then hotels could start to compete on the basis of their swimming pool hours.”
As Esther points out, Google is building the ability to offer more precisely targeted results, both as responses to queries, and as ads. When you think about Google refining this capability and then syndicating it to partners, wow…..that’s another way to be the OS, as Skrenta says, for sure. Of course, Yahoo wants to have the same capabilities (don’t we all?)