Liveblogging: Working up the drive by

Jarvis blogs ASNE (American Society of Newspaper Editors and astutely realizes he is in civilian territory:
“It occurs to me that live-blogging is a new kind of reporting. There’s no chance for analysis or even organization, but there is a chance for editing: You type what is of interest as it happens. If you want a completely masticated and digested view of an event, a news story is far better. If you want a complete and unedited view, go to CSpan. But for a quick hit of what’s notable (which is what blogs are best at anyway), liveblogging has its advantages.
As I saw the stories about the event today in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times (links later when I’m not on the train), I realized that, thanks to our geeky tools of citizens media, I was the first to report to the world what these guys said.”