‘Mitsah Kurtz, He Dead’: Om Malik in India

Om Malik is posting eloquently from India on call-center workers:”Saturday night, Delhi border… Odyssey night club… the music is clearly local – bollywood and bhangra hits mixed with some popular songs from the 80s and 90s. Beer is flowing, bodies writhing and people generally seem to be having fun. The night club which is in one of the newer malls that have come up in Gurgaon, a dusty former cow patch, now a shiny suburban high tech haven, is one of the most popular destinations from those who work in the outsourcing/call center business. The place comes alive after midnight when apparently there is a shift change.”
Om has lots of great data–and stories–that bring aspects of outsourcing–both the costs and the opportunities–into vivid detail.
–And the reader posts are really varied.