Netscape hires, AOL expires?

Lots of notes in the media today that the current general manager of, Jeremy Liew, posted notices that Netscape was actively hiring.
Of course, the positions seem to be at the CompuServe campus, in Columbus, Ohio, so it is probably understandable that the 450 West Coasters that AOL laid off in December–many of them product managers and tech folks formerly on the Netscape team–might not have been candidates to move to Upper Arlington, OH.
This news is also interesting placed against AOL head Jonathan Miller’s vow to the board to trim staff and cut costs in his division…
Uh oh, think AOL’s been down this path a couple of times before…
Does repetition guarantee success?
Maybe they should just sell the darn thing before they hire and expire(okay, layoff) another batch of people.
John Battelle sez “So you want to get the most out of AOL? Clean it up and spin it out. Enough said. Move on, Time Warner. The AOL mess is no longer Case or Pittman’s problem. It’s yours. And if you don’t want to run this company, let someone else do it. ”