• Berkeley conference worth a look

    Starting this Thursday and going into Friday, The J-School at Berkeley has put together an interesting series of panels on what could be called new media or convergence, but could also be described as ” the way things are going to be, someday.’ I’m part of a discussion on virtual communities (with Craig Newmark and… Continue Reading

  • More random links: Donewaiting.com

    Old friend Robert Duffy was rumored to be doing something very cool in Columbus, Ohio(No, my friends say that is actually not a contradiction in terms). Guy-o’s got a kick ass blog network focused on the local music scene–and it is damn good. Actually, he seems quite the mogul, with a Columbus blog, concert production… Continue Reading

  • San Jose Public Library: The eBook collection

    Digital Libraries: Surfing around looking at the most obscure series of links, I discovered that The San Jose Public Library has an ebook collection. Apparently, you can check out ebooks (via digital download) and “borrow” them for 21 days, though, in truth, they remain on your computer. (Now of course I realize that lots of… Continue Reading

  • About.com: I shop, therefore you ad-target me

    Story today about how Primedia’s refocusing About.com to become more of an online destination that can serve targeted ads against users’ profiles and behavior in a session. A year ago, pre-new regime, an executive no longer there explained in detail that About.com’s strategy was to be discovered as top-line results in as many search queries… Continue Reading

  • What’s next: IBM and Morgan Stanley weigh in

    Just downloaded a new report from IBM’s consulting group on the future of digital media. The summary says: “This paper, a collaborative discussion by thought leaders from the IBM media and entertainment practice, discusses why industry and market forces will propel media businesses to become more open to business partners, customers and consumers — opening… Continue Reading

  • Sunday in Santa Cruz

    We have a new routine–taking the dog to Lighthouse Beach in Santa Cruz one weekend morning. Since I didn’t get back from New York until Saturday, today was the day. Every time I head over the mountain, the beauty reminds me why I want to live in California–the idea that all this outdoor goodness is… Continue Reading

  • Using Google Gmail, and then some

    As email systems go, Gmail seems like one of the best–so long as the fact a machine is scanning every word you write and inserting relevant ads into messages doesn’t bother you. Like Orkut, the system is intuitive and smartly designed. I particularly like the clean interface and simple information management features such as the… Continue Reading