• Liveblogging: Working up the drive by

    Jarvis blogs ASNE (American Society of Newspaper Editors and astutely realizes he is in civilian territory: “It occurs to me that live-blogging is a new kind of reporting. There’s no chance for analysis or even organization, but there is a chance for editing: You type what is of interest as it happens. If you want… Continue Reading

  • Netscape hires, AOL expires?

    Lots of notes in the media today that the current general manager of Netscape.com, Jeremy Liew, posted notices that Netscape was actively hiring. Of course, the positions seem to be at the CompuServe campus, in Columbus, Ohio, so it is probably understandable that the 450 West Coasters that AOL laid off in December–many of them… Continue Reading

  • Houston, I’ve got GMail

    Just got an invite to test GMail. Who wouldn’t? Now have Gmail account. Please send me some mail at mernit at gmail.com and I’ll report back on using it. In some ways GMail seems like a blog or threaded message board—-posts and responses to it are grouped together . The interface is like little notecards.… Continue Reading

  • Vin Crosbie weighs in: Is blogging journalism?

    Vin Crosbie: “Is blogging is journalism? What are the differences? If you want to know, don’t invite speakers from either side. Instead, invite speakers who each are are both bloggers and journalists. They’ll know the answers.” Vin has a long and detailed set of posts about discussions of blogging at recent conferences: BloggerCon, Mediamorphosis, Clickz’s… Continue Reading

  • Donaton: Time for a new class of magazines?

    Scott Donaton, Ad Age: “It could be time for the magazine industry to build a new wall to intersect the one separating editorial decisions from advertising considerations. This second wall would create a distinction between magazines whose primary purpose is to inform readers and those whose primary purpose is to entertain them. Each side could… Continue Reading

  • Recent reading

    I’ve been under house arrest for a week, working in my office, but not going out cause of this rotten cold. Somehow, I never feel too lousy to read. Here’s the list: Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk . This is my first by this (amazingly famous) writer and I liked it and hated it… Continue Reading

  • The age of Happiness

    BoingBoing cites a Guardian article on happiness–apparently people become happier in their earlier forties when they face the fact they’re not going to be rich and famous like they imagined. Happiness rises into the 60’s when it peaks, at least for people in good health. Your 20’s? Fuggedahabout it. That’s yearn city.

  • Esther Dyson: Google’s big data sets

    As we all know, Google is collecting a lot of data. And it’s more and more personalized. Esther Dyson does a good job articulating further ways in which Google’s big, targeted data sets can create new markets (and by the way, it is great to see her posting more!) Esther writes: “While right now Google… Continue Reading

  • Bloggercon wrap-ups and links

    Tara Liloia’s compiled a list o links from Bloggercon. She points to the Feedster link as well. Link highlights: Betsy Devine’s top quotes from the journalism session. Brian Strawser on John Perry Barlow’s session. Lisa Williams’ community notes, as well as Halley, Mary, Jarvis, Frank, Jay McCarthy, and Dave. What’s interesting, from this remove, is… Continue Reading