• Blog contributors: Do you know anyone who?

    For a project, I am looking for bloggers who write about fashion, style, home, shopping, and related topics–I haven’t found a lot of blogs on these themes. If you know of someone writing (well) on these topics, please let me know–either via comments here or at smernit at aol dot com–could possily lead to some… Continue Reading

  • Big dogs, little apartments

    Via Jen Chung, guestblogging at The Show, a story from the increasingly quirky New York Times on the owners of big dogs and the small spaces they squeeze them into. Writes Andrea Elliott: “In a city defined by small spaces – cabs, elevators, cramped apartments and crowded sidewalks – it is often cause for bewilderment… Continue Reading

  • Flick: The Day After Tomorrow

    Rushed out to see The Day After Tomorrow, inspired, perhaps, by the global warming article in Rolling Stone. The special effects were tremendous–especially the tornados in Los Angeles early in the flick–but the dialog was so bad it made the movie ridiculous. “Why did they have to talk?” I asked my husband as we left.… Continue Reading

  • ZURL: Coming soon to a newspaper near you?

    What do you get when you cross the Open Directory taxonomy and data with a Topix.net-style presentation of results data (as opposed to just links?) It’s ZURL, Topix’s newest product, and a damn interesting one at that. ZURL–billed the last URL you’ll ever need (very cute)is a “revised” presentation of Open Directory data,arranged–like Topix–in a… Continue Reading

  • Who’s reading my feed, dude?

    Fred Wilson: “I?ve put all this time and energy into my blog page with House Ads, Adsense, Blogrolls, etc and it?s a total waste of time and energy. Because by the end of this year, the number of people who actually visit my blog will be less than 10% of my total audience.” At the… Continue Reading

  • Cubed: Blogging the NY real estate market

    If Craig’s List is siphoning off real estate and job listings from online classifieds, what could sites like Cubed do to Craig’s List? While this real estate and housing blog (from Lockhart Steele) seems to still be finding its focus, it’s definitely got some hooks–a spin on hyperlocal that seems both practical and interesting. Update:… Continue Reading

  • JD Lasica to keynote Digital Storytelling Festival

    Just heard that JD Lasica, one of my favorite cyber-journalists (he edited the terrific We, Media, among other things) is going to keynote The Digital Storytelling Festival in June in Sedona, AZ. JD has a keen understanding of digital media–what a good choice.

  • New & Noteworthy

    Wired’s big wet kiss to Nick Denton YPulse, daily dish tracking the business of teens Joi Ito’s wiki:: Being there, virtually, with this collaborative suggestion box–even if you don’t have 6 days to hang in Europe, you can pretend… My California Project.org:: New book and web site support a cool travel-writing initiative to raise money… Continue Reading

  • Bye Bye, Pebble Beach

    I moved into this house last August and got DSL. Networked the place so all the computers could use it. But then I saw there was a terrifically fast wireless network accessible from my office. So I jumped onto Pebble Beach. Yesterday morning, my wireless access stopped working. I thought it might be my machine,… Continue Reading