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For a project, I am looking for bloggers who write about fashion, style, home, shopping, and related topics–I haven’t found a lot of blogs on these themes.
If you know of someone writing (well) on these topics, please let me know–either via comments here or at smernit at aol dot com–could possily lead to some (paid) work.

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  1. tony stenger says:

    we might be able to help each other out. I am a good writer, with interests in the areas you describe.
    I am on my way out of Palo Alto, with no idea about where the landing spot will be .
    However, I have loads of content and a strong history of creatively inspiredinnovative marketing. My range of intellectual property still needs to be prepped. I am serious about helping others develop theirs, but in the past I have done so well that they have tended to reframe me as not knwoing the power of role I played. Info-mercials and the like… . anyway, these are the days I refuse anything but a fair shake…people need to achknowledge when they are hungry enough to be honorable.
    velop… I am performacne based. If I can create positvie change/shift… then reward me.
    that;s my pledge. I am wqill ing to give anytthing a reasonable chance it if moves me closer to releasing my 5000+ songs, 10 years of media and gets me closeer to developing a few more infor-mercials, this time with my portion set aside from the get go.

  2. rupert says:

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