Bye Bye, Pebble Beach

I moved into this house last August and got DSL. Networked the place so all the computers could use it. But then I saw there was a terrifically fast wireless network accessible from my office. So I jumped onto Pebble Beach.
Yesterday morning, my wireless access stopped working.
I thought it might be my machine, but no, Pebble Beach was gone.
After an hour of furiously rebooting, I took the dog out for a walk.
Coming back up the street, I saw the moving truck at the next-door neighbor’s house. Suddenly realized Pebble Beach must be theirs–and since they were moving across town, my access toPebble Beach was gone.
Plugged in the DSL and got back online.
Going to Fry’s this weekend for a wireless router.
Debating whether to risk letting someone else have a free ride on my dime.
Pebble Beach, thanks.