Cubed: Blogging the NY real estate market

If Craig’s List is siphoning off real estate and job listings from online classifieds, what could sites like Cubed do to Craig’s List? While this real estate and housing blog (from Lockhart Steele) seems to still be finding its focus, it’s definitely got some hooks–a spin on hyperlocal that seems both practical and interesting.
Update: Steve Johnson loves Curbed. “…Micro-coverage is one of the great things that these thematically organized blogs provide. It used to be that you could feel confident that you were on top of major news — or sports or financial stories — if you read the Times on a daily basis, but your micro interests were harder to keep track of with the same regularity. I remember how hard it was to find out information about Apple before the web — you’d have to wait for MacWorld and Macweek to come out, and even then they weren’t always focused on my particular sub-interests. I knew I was missing information. But now take a micro category like Mac-based audio software: I feel completely confident that if anything happens in that category — new upgrades, announcements, reviews — I’ll see it via one of the 2-3 blogs that I follow.”