May 12th Panel: Emergent blogging–A panel (aka Blogs vs. Traditional Journalism)

Interested in how the blog world is developing and what mainstream media and investors should know about the blogsophere?
If yes, Wednesday’s panel should be up your alley.
It’s a lively talk moderated by DEMO’s Chris Shipley, with panelists
Dan Gillmor – Technology Columnist – Mercury News
Chris Nolan – Politics from Left to Right
Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster
and moi.
We’ve had to answer some questions Chris posed ahead of time, so our smallest disagreements will be exposed for your entertainment (and then we will try to correct them, for our mutual enlightenment–and your amusement.
Or, on a less flippant note, it’s a chance to here some folks very passionate about this category talk and share–and for you to chime in, no doubt.
Logistics: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 6:30 to 8:30pm at Fenwick & West at 801 California St. Mountain View, CA. Tickets here.