New rules

Those of you who know me well know that I’m a bit of a workaholic.
(Note to self: Is this really something one can be a ‘bit of?” Nah.)
Okay, I really get into my work, sometimes too much.
In the interest of family harmony and more fun, the following new rules are in force:
1. No work after 9 pm, unless there’s a crisis.
2. No work at all after 10 pm (Hey, blogging doesn’t count.)
3. One night a week(M-F): go out with the husband.
4. One night a week(M-F): Bubble bath night.
5. One morning per weekend: hit the beach with the dog and the spouse.
6. Weekends: Do something with family and or friends for one night.
7. Keep working out (3X week)
7. Follow rules 1-7 or else.