• Netscape: New browser or ISP shill?

    “AOL needs a portal, and the only efficient one it has is Netscape.com. But people who no longer have the Netscape browser on their browser are not going to visit Netscape.com just because it exists. AOL needs a browser having Netscape.com as its default home page.” –Daniel Glazman, former Netscape engineer, commenting on the June… Continue Reading

  • Andrew Anker advice: Go global

    Andrew Anker: “… The earlier stage web companies I’m speaking with are thinking of a global footprint as a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Or maybe more appropriately, not even thinking of the international thing as anything particularly special. The Internet has so lowered the barriers to info-trade that Europe and Asia are just a few… Continue Reading

  • Blogaholics: addicted and loving it

    New York Times article today on blogaholics hits some fun themes: blogging as a self-selected (and unpaid) job, the compulsion to post, and the thrill of being part of a blogosphere conversation. Nice work, Katie Hafner. (Via my friend Judy Daniel)

  • About today

    So the truth is, I got almost nothing done today on the work side of my life. Aside from reading-and then sending out–10,000 emails, updating the blog, doing some work in the wiki for a project that won’t go public till next week–I did nothing. If this sounds like a lot, it should give you… Continue Reading

  • Personalized newsletter: Orkut knows things

    I just opened and read the “personalized newsletter” I received a few days ago from the Orkut team, and it’s kind of scary. Or, to put it another way, if a computerized algorithm could be your fairy godmother, best friend, or social secretary, it might generate suggestions like the ones in this newsletter–eerily appropriate. The… Continue Reading

  • Ad:Tech: NYTimes Digital looks ahead to more $$

    Heath Row and Mary Hodder are at San Francisco Ad:Tech taking notes. Heath’s got an account of a panel with Martin Nisenholz, head of New York Times Digital. The Nisenholz comments are well worth noting: “The time will come when the consumer will be willing to pony up for more content services on the Internet.… Continue Reading

  • Social Networking: Tickle and the new, new classifieds

    The news that Monster.com is buying Tickle.com for $94 million dollars paid out as one million shares of Monster Worldwide common stock, an initial cash payment of $29.5 million and a three-year payment of approximately $40-plus million proves without a doubt that: A) Big media is watching closely how the success of trading communities (… Continue Reading

  • Amazon: A move from channel to platform?

    One way to look at the news that Toys R Us has sued Amazon.com over an accused violation of exclusivity rights as an online channel distributor is that Toys R Us is trying to protect both its market share and its channel distribution (which it paid plenty for.) Another way to look at the same… Continue Reading

  • Bard Reunion

    Back at Bard for my college reunion. Haven’t been here for at least 8 years, but it seems similar to before, only much more prosperous. The Frank Gehry music and theatre building is astounding, and the new dorms and administrative buildings are well-designed and sit nicely in the landscape. I realize that this area has… Continue Reading