Traveling to NY again

The last time I went to New York, I packed everything in under and hour, then discovered I’d forgotten my underwear. Not the kind of thing you share at the office.
This trip will be a little different, because Spencer is coming with me and we’re heading upstate Friday afternoon for my college reunion (no, I am not going to tell you which year).
I went to Bard, in the Hudson Valley,and I’m completely psyched about going back there for a few days. We’ll stay on campus, hang out in Rhinebeck and Tivoli, and walk around in the woods–oh yes, and we’ll see people from my class as the newly minted grads and their parents wonder what the hell happens next(my son would say this is a generation thing and only people as old as me finished school and had no idea what was next–he’s probably right.)
I’m also hoping to have a reunion with my cousin Arlene. Arlene is the daughter of my father’s favorite uncle, and when we were little (she’s probably 4-5 years older), I admired her greatly (she danced in The Nutcracker!).
Things changed, and I haven’t seen her since I was eight years old, but we got back in touch a few years ago and now are finally going to meet.
I am very excited about this, because I’ve learned that family ties are very powerful–and we probably have a lot in common we don’t know about. I am packing a bunch of family pictures to share, and bringing the digital camera–there are so few relatives in my family I know my siblings will want to hear more about this and see what Arlene and her husband look like.