Wondering about newsreaders? Read this

JD Lasica’s done his usual outstanding job in a new OJR piece explaining and reviewing online newsreaders, those things that let you choose RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and info sources (if you’re not sure what RSS is either, read this) and bundle them into a nice headline or headline and story style interface, ending that annoying need to click on 200 different URLs to read your daily favs.
JD writes:
“After a couple of hours of subscribing to favorite feeds, your news grazing habits will be changed forever. Just as TiVo lets you watch TV more efficiently, RSS readers do the same by letting you scan your favorite blogs and news sites faster or letting you cast your net over a wider range of material.”
He reviews a number of newsreaders, including Feedemon, Netnewswire, Newsmonster , Bloglines and more.
JD also covers how to set up an RSS feed, and runs down a list of cool tools, RSS feed sites, and more.
If you need Newsreaders/RSS 101, start here. If you know all that, read it anyway–the guy’s got it all wrapped tight.