ZURL: Coming soon to a newspaper near you?

What do you get when you cross the Open Directory taxonomy and data with a Topix.net-style presentation of results data (as opposed to just links?)
It’s ZURL, Topix’s newest product, and a damn interesting one at that.
ZURL–billed the last URL you’ll ever need (very cute)is a “revised” presentation of Open Directory data,arranged–like Topix–in a news-style format(see Drink.. Wine..for an example)
The directory is a little bare at launch, but there are lots of pages in News– Journalism, blogs, 2004 Presidential Election, and the potentially fascinating Obits, for starters. Also check out the local city pages, like Palo Alto. (If it wasn’t clear before that one of Topix’s business goals must surely be to partner with local newspapers, this implementation of Zurl makes it clear.)
Also check out People–Zurls builds pages for dozens of celebs, from Laurence Oliver to Basement Jaxx
(Via Skrenta)
Side note: It’s especially heartening to see Skrenta & co. apply their smarts to keeping the Open Directory relevant. Acquired by Netscape, the Open Directory was the foundation for most search taxonomies,but never supported by the corporate parent(AOL) in any significant way. This implementation of its data moves it toward new relevance.