• The Business of blogging (and investments therein)

    We’re doing a discussion on this topic at BlogOn and the must-read posts are piling up. See: Feedburner raises 7 figures from Portage Ventures. (Via Rafat) Brad Feld: Why we invested in NewsGator(and all the cool things it can do.) Jeff Jarvis: What RSS needs to do to make $$.

  • Orkut: Sued for code

    Orkut is being sued by Affinity Engines over alleged theft of source code. The two social network platforms share an employee–Orkut Buyukkokten–and Affinity Engines is charging that similarities in some bugs prove Orkut has pirated code. <


    Saw Fahrenheit 911 in New York tonight; what an amazing movie! Go see it immediately, and then tell your friends to go. Points Michael Moore makes: 1. Bush’s interest is to protect his family’s powerful friends and continue to allow them–and him–to make tons of money. 2. Bush is a) not that smart, b) dishonest… Continue Reading


    One of the things I love best about New York is the open all night energy. At 10 and 11 pm on a Monday, when even the main streets in other US cities are locked up, dark and deserted, New York is filled with people hanging on stoops, leaving (and entering)restaurants, walking down streets and… Continue Reading

  • Famous in Fresno: Local guy bags Britney

    ABC local news in Fresno, CA, reports that local folks, especially dance instructor Wayne Hurley are beaming with pride now that Fresno homeboy Kevin Federline ie engaged to Britney Spears. Hurley told the press: “These last two weeks have really been overwhelming for us. I mean, to know that a kid from our studio is… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Can social networking services make a buck? Australia says naaah. Craig Newmark: Craigslist is not for sale! Starbucks: Merchandising music like coffee? Interview with Howard Schultz at fast company.com (Via Rafat Ali) NY Times adds RSS feeds: Stepno’s got a good list of additional news source feeds. Crate and Barrel launches CB2, new *urban* ecommerce… Continue Reading

  • (Good) Advice to Friendster

    Collectivus’s advice to Friendster: “…As you desperately attempt to resurrect the buzz once swarming around your service, don’t be that guy. –The loser who sycophanticly tries to fit in with the cool group, don’t be that guy. –The aging has-been trying to prove he’s still with-it by using contrived pop culture references, don’t be that… Continue Reading

  • Weekend update

    Didn’t spend too much time online–or inside–this weekend. Spencer’s aunt and uncle came in from NYC to see him perform at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival; we picked them up Friday night, then headed down Route 1 to the show on Saturday morning and back again, Sunday am for a second ( gospel) show. In… Continue Reading

  • Do animals have souls?

    Ira Hadnot, Dallas Morning News: “If animals do not have souls, why do we behave as if they do?….People love their pets. And that love is intense. It is a kind of love that God entrusted to Adam to take care of the animals in Eden.”