Lost, but now found

I have two pieces of jewelry that belonged to my mother that I wear often–a gold bracelet and a diamond/ruby pave ring. She never took the ring off, and she wore the bracelet often, so they remind me of her.
For a while, I wore the ring constantly, but then, a few months ago, I lost it.
It was during a time I was traveling a lot, and I didn’t know if I’d left it somewhere (unlikely but possible), dropped it in a pocket, or put it away in one of those safe places tired, jet-lagged people don’t really remember.
I felt terrible that it was gone, and angry at myself for losing it.
Tonight when I got home, the ring was sitting next to my computer in my office.
I tore downstairs to my husband. “Where did you find the ring?”
“In the bedroom,” he replied.
Apparently, the ring was at the bottom of a bowl he keeps beside his bed for keys, pens, clips,etc.
Did I put it there, or did someone pick it up off the floor and drop it in?
We don’t know.
But hey, it feels so good to have that special ring again.