Madonna Notes

Thoughts a day after seeing Madonna’s Reinvent Yourself tour last night:
1. Madonna is the Barbra Streisand of my generation–she can do everything.
2. Madonna started with Jesus and ended up with Moses. (Is that equivalent to reading left to right?)
3. How many singers kick off their tour doing a pelvic bridge while singing atop a hydraulic lift?
4. Like Malcom McLaren before her, M’s a hi/low sampler: bits of Francis Bacon, Stomp, taiko, Cirque de Soleil, Martha Graham, flavor the Orbital / Infected Mushroom mix
5. Unlike her grrl Britney, Madonna can (now) really sing.
6. Is there a Scottish kilt segment in the show because Guy Ritchie (Mr. Madonna)has a family castle in Scotland?
7. Does Madonna prefer lox or Scottish smoked salmon?
8. Does M wear panties under her kilt?
9. When the the little Arab boy and the little Jewish boy run down the road hugging, are they in Israel–or Southern California?
10. Who is her plastic surgeon? That face has no lines, but she still looks like herself