Which is more amusing/scary–the idea Madonna is ” pillaging Judaism” for the parts she likes, or that she is closing the gap between ballsy Jewish women and their Italian counterparts? Reportedly, the E formerly known as M is heading to Israel this fall to study Kabballah with her rev over the High Holy Days. As… Continue Reading

  • Supernova conference: Keeping the faith

    Spent the past 36 hours at the Supernova conference, and am now hiding at home, getting some work done, before going back for the afternoon. This has been one of the better conferences so far, for a couple of reasons: Energetic, diverse attendees–Supernova has a good cross-section of people from different disciplines–journalism and media, social… Continue Reading

  • Over at SuperNova Today

    I’m at SuperNova today, blogging the conference on their weblog. (Of course, while it’s fine and sunny outside, it’s freezing in this hotel ballroom–what do they think this is, the meat locker?)

  • Noted

    Dallas Morning News:”Blogs are here to stay. Simply put, they are the most exciting thing happening in journalism today.” MichNews: “Let me be blunt. Newspapers bite. The work isn’t much fun anymore, thanks to the soul-snatching corporate culture that has euthanized newsroom personalities.” Online News Association, 2004 Award in Online Commentary rules: “This category honors… Continue Reading

  • Bureaucracy: The nature of

    A friend told me a story tonight about email at his job that is worth passing along: “I’ve worked at a good-sized health facility for the past few years. When I am going to be out of the office, I send a note to my group. Recently, the email list changed, so now group notes… Continue Reading

  • Where teens find news

    A recent survey of teen attitudes has data on how teens access the news. According to the sixth annual Teen Report Card on Adults, sponsored by the Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network,56% of teens are most influenced by television, 11.5% by newspapers, and 8.8% by the Net, with magazines at 3.3%. (Via YPulse) I’d like to… Continue Reading

  • Wednesday, June 23rd–Dinner in Santa Clara

    There are already 105 acceptances for the Wednesday night dinner and party before the Supernova conference–it’s open to everyone, conference attendee or not, so if you’re a tech head you may want to check it out. The party is at an Indian restaurant: MAYURI 2232 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95050 Tel: (408) 248-9747… Continue Reading

  • Reading routines, part 2–what I read for fun

    The sources in the last post are all work-related; here are others I read regularly–for fun. Bay area: Beast Blog, Marc North, Radio Free Blogistan Gossip & Celebs: Page Six, Gawker, Low Culture, Krukoff, fashion wire daily, Jossip New York: Gawker, Gothamist and Amy Langfield People blogs: Fred Wilson, Pamela Parker, Halley Suitt, Michael Barrish,… Continue Reading

  • Blog-a-rama: What do you read regularly?

    What’s your (digital) reading routine? AM: First read Page Six, Romenesko, the New York Post & Daily News Business Sections and the New York Times, along with the Merc or SFgate. Then Paid Content, Gawker, iMedia Connection, MediaPost, Battelle’s SearchBlog , JD Lasica, Mary Hodder, and some others. After a quick look at Google News,… Continue Reading

  • \Weekend reads

    Mercury News writes about three Bay area writers/bloggers: JD Lasica, Christan Crumlish and Dan Gilmor. All writing books, all using social media to help edit the books. Loved seeing their names mentioned in print, and urge interested parties to check out their sites, respectively DarkNet, Power of Many and We Media. David Roux, SilverLake Ventures:… Continue Reading