• Transparency and connectivity: Observations

    This weekend, a clever poster commented on my Madonna/Esther entry. She was a blogger, so I clicked on the blog link she left. Blog was clever, well-done and had a link to her Ryze page. Clicked on that. Read the bio and work history and realized she had to a)know, b) possibly would be friends… Continue Reading

  • Dept of something’s not normal: Kimora Lee Simmons

    The well-done piece in New York magazine on Russell Simmon’s wife and uber-material girl Kimora Lee Simmons does a nice job rationalizing how greed and ambition can be glossed over with fine clothes, but the best details about this odd couple come from the Kimora story running in the June 21st Star. Telling details there:… Continue Reading

  • Friendster’s Scott Sassa: Search engine ad smarts?

    Like many people, I was intrigued when Scott Sassa, formerly NBC Entertainment President, took the CEO job at Friendster. Was this another Hollywood guy pulling a Terry Semel? Now it turns out that Sassa is one of the founders of Efficient Frontier, a new search engine marketing company started in 2002 by Ellen Simonoff and… Continue Reading

  • Panels: Blah, blah, blah

    Dave Hornick writes: “I attended yet another social networking panel this evening. It was the Churchill Club’s event called Blogging and Social Networking: Who Cares? The panel was a cast of thousands, including such social software panel mainstays as Ross Mayfield, Marc Canter and Dan Gillmor. At this point I have seen enough of these… Continue Reading

  • Lost, but now found

    I have two pieces of jewelry that belonged to my mother that I wear often–a gold bracelet and a diamond/ruby pave ring. She never took the ring off, and she wore the bracelet often, so they remind me of her. For a while, I wore the ring constantly, but then, a few months ago, I… Continue Reading

  • Chris Nolan & LA Times piece on Craig Newmark

    I didn’t say anything about this week’s LA Times piece on Craig Newmark because I didn’t know what to say–while it was thrilling to see Craig’s List get coverage, the piece kinda had that celebrity feature gloss that devalues long-term development efforts like Craig’s. Now Chris Nolan has written a post about the story that… Continue Reading

  • Madonna=Esther

    The Material Mom now has a new name–during Kabballah services (whatever twisted permutation of Judaism those are), Madonna’s moniker is–Esther– according to the New York Post. You wanted to know that, right? Now go back to work.

  • Noted: Recent blog reads

    Mathemagenic: Weblog networks as social ecosystems (Via Robin Good) Nielsen/NetRatings: Middle-aged women spend more time at game sites than teen-age guys Online Business Networks: David Teten’s got an interesting review of a book about “structural holes”the value of being a link between two groups of people. Beyond Bullets’ PowerPoint tip:Don’t slap your logo on every… Continue Reading

  • Going local: Metroblogging launches

    LA writer/bloggers/entrepreneurs Sean Bonner and Jason deFilippo have launched metroblogging.com, a network of blog sites for major (and wired) cities. San Francisco, New York, and Chicago are up, with the promise of more to come. There’s a diverse amalgam of bloggers at each site, with a few familiar names, some fresh voices, and some raggedy… Continue Reading