Which is more amusing/scary–the idea Madonna is ” pillaging Judaism” for the parts she likes, or that she is closing the gap between ballsy Jewish women and their Italian counterparts?
Reportedly, the E formerly known as M is heading to Israel this fall to study Kabballah with her rev over the High Holy Days.
As Urban Kvetch says: “According to the article, “Madonna will stay in an out-of-the-way guesthouse and avoid fans and TV cameras…” Let me state for the record, unequivocally, that this will never happen. How out-of-the-way could any guesthouse be in a state the size of New Jersey? And as far as privacy’s concerned, unless the guesthouse is a Mossad safe house, there’s no way her location’s going to remain a secret. In fact, I have so many relatives in Israel that I bet that by September, I’ll know where she’s staying.”