• Thoughts on the decline of newspapers

    Reading these quotes from recent blog posts makes me think again about the reasons newspapers are dying: James Lileks:” Newspapers to me no longer look like great sober edifaces inscribing the details of history as the parade clatters past. They just look like group blogs.” Tim Oren: “A newspaper has been an icon of intent… Continue Reading

  • Peter Merholz & the Old New Thing

    Peter Merholz has a nice post about ‘The Old New Thing’ that highlights the time he’s spent in *new media* over the past 10 years and how he’s found some areas–user interaction, in particular–that are now his main focus. He writes: “I’ve opted to doggedly pursue making things make sense for people, and promoting the… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Links

    Paul Ford: August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and eBay to the Semantic Web “It’s hard to believe Google – which is now the world’s largest single online marketplace – came on the scene only a little more than 8 years ago, back in the days when Amazon and eBay reigned supreme. So how did… Continue Reading

  • Gawkin’ at the Googleplex

    Due to several electronically signed legal documents I am not going to say what I was doing at Google today, but I will say visiting the G was a striking experience. How does a brand new campus, outdoor BBQ, volleyball courts, on site haircuts and masseusse sound? You like the flavor of halls stocked with… Continue Reading

  • Focus on: AOL

    Where is AOL Today? Those dark days seem hard to get over for AOL- -news yesterday that the parent company is auditing AOL Europe suggests that the SEC probe–which became public about two years ago–is still dragging on. This means that Time Warner’s hopes of spinning off AOL ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. On another… Continue Reading

  • Classified and $$ for schools

    Via Stephen Downes and online news list: Classroom Classifieds Raise Funds for Schools Residents of Falmouth, Maine can use a new web site — classroomclassifieds.com — to advertise things they want to dispose of and help raise money for the schools as well. Working on the honor system, users who post ads agree to donate… Continue Reading

  • Online ad spending: How about the data?

    Mediapost and others have a story today that the notoriously optimistic JupiterResearch says that online ad spending will surpass magazines by 2008. The story says “According to the new Jupiter Research forecast, set to be unveiled this morning at the Jupiter Media Advertising Forum, marketers will spend $8.4 billion on online advertising this year, growing… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Links

    New blogger Lee Watters: About blogging Richard Grayson: Diary of a delegate Mediapost: Defining a new (guy) demographic Gothamist Food: Why not? Being bicoastal: NYC blog posts pix of Dogster guy here. MySpace beats Friendster: Some would say, who cares? Stuart Henshall: Where is blog innovation today?

  • Back from Point Reyes

    Took Sunday and Monday off and went to Point Reyes to go hiking. Sunned on Stintson Beach, heard jazz at the cafe, took the path to Alamere Falls, meandered through Bolinas, and then headed home. 395 emails waiting. Back to work tomorrow. It was fun. Oh, and did I mention all the poison oak? Here’s… Continue Reading