CNN teams with Technorati to cover conventions

Word is just out that CNN has teamed up with Technorati to provide Vox Populi coverage of the upcoming political conventions, starting with the DNC. Release copy says:
David L. Sifry, founder of Technorati ( which monitors more than three million blogs, will be providing on-site, on-air expert commentary on the real-time political blogosphere for CNN’s coverage at the Democratic National Convention.  By monitoring the conversations in thousands of blogs across the entire political spectrum, Dave will be providing analysis on which political blogs are getting the most attention and which ideas are generating the fastest-growing buzz. ”
In additional Technorati will launch a special, CNN-sponsored politics  site on Sunday night to kick things off.
Mernit comments:  This is great news that one of our biggest news services is willing to try something different to distinguish themselves (Can you say, Take that, Fox!)  I hope the web site embraces and links to Technorati as well–sometimes the broadcast division and the web site can be coming from different directions.
It appears that a key figure in the deal was  David Bohrman, CNN’s Washington Bureau chief and executive producer of CNN’s coverage of the Democratic NationalConvention. Bohrman and some of the Technorati team were together last March at The Media Center’s Mediamorphosis conference–is it possible inital contact happened at that time?
Update: Dave’s blog says he will be on-air–I love this! That means Mary Hodder will be on air too–whohoo!! Watch out, Wonkette!
(This might also be a good time to mention that Dave’s brother, Micah, is a political commentator.) You go, guys.