NYTimes story: Media types found in Silicon Valley!

Dave Carr’s got a story in today’s Times surveying the survivors of Silicon Valley’s best-known technology magazines and concluding–surprise!–that the collapse of the economy didn’t drive them out of publishing.
Given that Red Herring and Industry Standard broke new ground in technology/trade journalism,  is it really surprising that their star editors and publishers continue–gasp!–to edit, write and sell?
Carr’s piece is written in a gee-whiz tone that smacks of journalists who don’t leave New York City often enough–or read trade sites like Paid Content very often, either, for that matter.
(Hey, maybe Carr is actually amazed that media types in Silicon Valley still relate to paper.
–If that is the case, he should remember that one of the big things about paper is that it has  lucrative ad revenue when there’s a good rate base–strong incentive for jumping back into print no matter how digital you are–after all, advertisers drive the media business.)