• Blogging Off on Blogon

     Overall, the BlogOn conference was high-energy, great people in attendance, psyched presentors, action in the halls and filled conference rooms(with just a couple mediocre sessions).  However, I don’t think we drilled down in the business questions as deeply as I’d hoped–partly because business models are still emerging. One of my favorite sessions was The Business… Continue Reading

  • BlogOn: The Wrap

    Blogon blogged off Friday night and today is chill day for moi. While the conference was good, I thought our experience at Pyramid Brewing was poor: the cost was high ($30), the service was non-existent, and they shorted us on the food so some people had to get money back. Can you say un-bussed tables,… Continue Reading

  • BlogOn: Investment Panel

    More conference sound bites: Investment panel, Martin Tobias: “I would not invest in micropublishing models…Big media is our tastemaker and filter for new things.” (Violent disagreement erupts from the audience, BTW)   Same panel, Mark Kwamme: “I believe a major new news/media thing will happen in this space.” Also,  “If you are manically focused on… Continue Reading

  • MSNBC’s Hardball spawns Hardblogger

    Is it any surprise in this blog-crazed blip that Hardball has launched its own Hardblogger–and added Joe Trippi to the lineup for a little more liberal flavor (plus, it’s a good way for him to promote his book.) Orchestrated by MSNBC campaign head Tammy Haddad (a brilliant news producer who really gets interactivity) Hardblogger is well-intentioned,… Continue Reading

  • PETA PIX: The live make out tour

    From Yahoo: Ravi Chand of Virginia and Bethany Walker of Ohio kissing on a Boise sidewalk on Friday, July 23, 2004 in Boise, Idaho to promote vegetarian eating. The ‘Live Make-Out Tour’, sponsored by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), is being staged throughout the country to demonstrate PETA’s claims that vegetarians are… Continue Reading

  • BlogOn: Afternoon breakouts

    The Business of Blogging: Calcanis, Copeland and Boyd talking about how they make money from blogging.  Some facts to note: Copeland is grouping ads together to create contexualad blocks–“We’d rather sell several $1 ads and group them together, than one $10 ad–ads are a form of content,” Calcanis and Boyd are not selling CMP or… Continue Reading

  • BlogOn: Session sound bites

    Opening panel,   Reid Hoffman: “If you don’t have a blog component as part of your customer strategy, you’re missing out.” Opening panel, Ross Mayfield, Socialtext: “Within a month, you’ll see people claiming there’s a social media bubblet.” Privacy panel, Wendy Seltzer: The fans and the users may be better educated about the possibilities of what the… Continue Reading

  • BlogOn:Snippets from the show

    Confession: As a panel member for last night’s kick off, I confess, I took lousy notes, but I did get a good look at the crowd. Some impressions: –A more diverse audience than some conferences–a mix of East Coast media and PR folks, West Coast media, technology, and social media masters, a heavy dose of… Continue Reading