Valley stories: Do you want FBSD with your curry?

Spencer and I decided to go out tonight, and picked a new placed in Santa Clara called The Empress of India. Reviews said it was a retired couple, great food, no menu, made dinner just one night a week.
Great we said. Fine.
While the food was delicious, we had a free–and non-stop side dish of engineering blather. Seems like the guy dining alone in the corner was lonely, knew the couple two tables away and was happy to talk about email systems in the most technical manner until a third party they both knew–a grey-haired man and his two teenage sons–came in and sat between them.
Fashion models talking about their dogs were nothing compared to these folks!
As we munched our way through bowls of braised baby eggplant, makahini dal, alu mattar gobi, saag panir, tandori chicken and fresh nan, there was a steady drip drip drip of tech talk, astronomy stories and lectures to the kids about the superiority of I, Robot the book, to I, Robot the movie. (Does anyone really need to be sold Will Smith is no Asimov? The opposite is true as well, ya know.)
Final verdict as we paid the bill and fled: Food great, ambiance: way too geeky.